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Therapy Groups

1.5 hour groups

Therapy Groups — Coming soon!

Moving through Anxiety Group
This group is tailored to support those who are have personal experience with anxiety. This is a space for those who are learn and share their insights about anxiety with others. This group will include mindfulness practices and topic specific group discussions. This is a clinician lead therapy support group. 

Mindful Recovery Group 
The intention of this group is to identify the behaviours associated with addictions and address them in a supportive environment. These groups will combine participant led discussions as well as topic specific psycho educational support from a clinician. These groups are available to those in active recovery as well as those who are sober curious.


Sessions and Consultations

Surf's Up! Let's Do This.

Tel: 604 505-5774
Vancouver BC, Canada
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FEELINGS are much like WAVES.
We can't stop them, but we can
choose which ones to SURF!

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