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1 hour  /   $120

Addressing Anxiety

Science and spirituality agree that creating insights into the body’s physical and emotional response to anxiety decrease the overwhelming feelings of unease it creates. These sessions involve your engagement in and out of session in order to gain the most benefit. There are 5 sessions that we can move through in unison, however, as with any personalised program these sessions can be subject to change if needed. 

Wk. 1 What is Anxiety for you (1.5 hours) 
•    Defining what anxiety is for you, when does it occur, how does it show up?
•    What does calm looks like for you when and where does it show up?
•    With my guidance you can begin to identify and name your thoughts and behaviours. 

Wk. 2 Mindfulness and alternate approaches to managing anxiety (1 hour)
•    Developing exercises that encourage the development of new neuropathways
•    Creating connections between our selves, our bodies and our reactions
•    Introduce breathwork practices for you to work on daily

Wk. 3 Mind body connection (1 hour)
•    Through discussion we explore the impact of anxiety on the body
•    Gaining insights into where you hold tension in the body and how to safely lean into it
•    Introduction of body work combined with breath work   

Wk. 4 Personalised Guided Meditation (1.5 hour)
•    I will guide you through a personalised guided meditation practice that has been informed by our work together in previous sessions

Wk. 5 Brining all your learnings together (1 hour) 
•    Understanding and sharing the impacts of your breath and body work thus far
•    Developing your personalised routine and next steps


Sessions and Consultations

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Vancouver BC, Canada
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FEELINGS are much like WAVES.
We can't stop them, but we can
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